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Can delicious Turkish coffee be easily accessed in our workplaces?


Köpüklü provides end-to-end Turkish coffee service

Using today’s technologies, Köpüklü aims to make Turkish coffee easily accessible in our daily lives by offering the most practical and fastest way to a delicious cup of Turkish coffee.

Keep your costs under control with Köpüklü

Köpüklü Mobile Application enables employers to set monthly allowances for bean to cup Turkish coffee.

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Köpüklü democratizes Turkish coffee

Köpüklü allows both blue collar and white collar employees to easily reach fresh and delicious Turkish coffee.
Thanks to Köpüklü Mobile Application, employees can receive fresh Turkish coffees for free.
In addition, through corporate agreement, employees can continue to purchase at special discounted prices.

Take advantage of Köpüklü Mobile Application benefits

Going beyond the coffee wallet applications made so far, it brings many new opportunities.

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Now, Turkish coffee is easily accessible to all employees in companies and factories.

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