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Bean to cup Turkish coffee is brought into every moment of daily life with smart vending technology.

Köpüklü aims to make Turkish coffee easily accessible in our daily lives by utilizing today’s technologies, offering the most practical and fastest way to enjoy a delicious cup of Turkish coffee.

What does Köpüklü do?

the beans
Fresh and delicious
Fully automatic
Ready in 90 seconds
Köpüklü Mobile
Available 24/7
Internet of Things
On Kapali 1 1

What is Köpüklü?

Köpüklü is a fully automatic “Turkish Coffee Vending Machine” that contains coffee beans, sugar, and water. It grinds the coffee beans, adds sugar and water in the selected sugar level through its touch screen, stirs it with its unique method, brews it in the cezve (traditional Turkish coffee pot), serves it in a cup, cleans itself, and accepts various payment methods.

  • With its integrated grinder, it prepares coffee by grinding the beans instantly, ensuring a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee.
  • As it is fully automatic, it doesn’t require a person to prepare it.
  • It doesn’t require a kitchen and can be placed anywhere as a mobile unit; in this manner “Köpüklü liberates Turkish coffee.”
  • It can accept different payment methods, making it a self-service coffee shop.
Köpüklü provides end-to-end Turkish coffee service